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Origins of Our Corporate Name and Logo

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Origins of Our Corporate Name and Logo

The name "RaQualia" was created by combining "ra," a word from ancient Egypt signifying the sun deity and creative power, and "qualia," a Latin word meaning sensory perception. "Ra" expresses the warmth and passion of our employees, while "qualia" conveys how we maximize our honed senses to discover new medicines.

Our corporate color is Barton Orange, which expresses our enthusiasm and energy. At the same time, its reddish hue conveys warmth and security.

RaQualia's logo is a sphere that calls to mind the sun, and on it the R and Q of RaQualia are represented in a single character. The curved element and the crossed line express collaboration and diversity. The wing at the bottom right of the R faces outward and represents our company's innovative progress and openness.

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