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Change of Program Name from APA to P-CAB

RaQualia today announced that the Company indicated to change its program name “Acid Pump Antagonist (APA)”, one of the Company's core program, to “Potassium-Competitive Acid Blocker (P-CAB)”.


APA and P-CAB are the different terms which indicate the same drug mechanism of action. The decision was made based on the higher public recognition of P-CAB than that of APA of recent date.


CJ HealthCare Corporation (CJ), the licensee of tegoprazan (also known as RQ-00000004/CJ-12420), is currently conducting Phase III clinical trials in Korea. RaQualia completed Phase I clinical trials of tegoprazan in the US and in Japan.


RaQualia intend to support CJ continuously to complete Korean New Drug Application (NDA) of tegoprazan successfully as well as to facilitate global licensing activities.



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