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Product Information


Class Echinocandin antifungal
Mechanism of Action 1,3-ß-D-glucan Synthesis Inhibitor
Target Indication Candida Infections
Overseas Development Status Marketed (Eraxis)
Portfolio for development and marketing rights in Japan
Product Summary Anidulafungin is based on a different mechanism from existing polyene or azole antifungals and is a treatment for invasive echinocandin fungal infections. This product is already marketed in the United States, Great Britain and Canada and hasexcellent clinical efficacy. Because it does not have safety issues associated with the drug interactions characteristic of the azole medications, it has been judged to be an easy-to-use drug. Existing echinocandida antifungals are the drug of choice for treating candida infections and are recommended in guidelines for invasive fungal infection treatment.

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