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Privacy Policy

This website (http://www.raqualia.com, referred to below as "the website,") gathers information such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers, which can be used to distinguish individuals. RaQualia Pharma Inc. (referred to below as "RaQualia Pharma") will manage this information in the manner described below. Furthermore, because RaQualia Pharma will continuously take steps to improve the way it manages individuals' information, the content below is subject to change without advance notice.

Purpose for Gathering Personal Information

RaQualia Pharma gathers personal information, including but not limited to names, places of employment, and mail addresses in order to respond to inquiries, send materials, provide information on RaQualia Pharma's services, and assemble internal research and evaluation reports.

Scope of Use of Personal Information

RaQualia Pharma gathers personal information via various types of requests for materials when such information is necessary for the company's operations. In addition, RaQualia Pharma uses this information in the form of statistics which do not identify individuals for purposes of improving corporate practices. RaQualia Pharma does not use personal information for purposes that have not been approved by those individuals in advance.

Protection and Management of Personal Information

RaQualia Pharma recognizes that, while it maintains personal information correctly and safely, there remains a risk of inappropriate access, damage, loss, destruction, and release. As a result, RaQualia Pharma takes every possible preventative and corrective action. Furthermore, RaQualia Pharma follows all applicable laws and regulations governing personal information and endeavors to manage this information accordingly.

Distribution or Transfer of Personal Information

RaQualia Pharma will not distribute or transfer personal information to a third party without the consent of the individual, except as required by law or other appropriate circumstance. Furthermore, RaQualia Pharma will take steps to insure that its contractors manage personal information appropriately. However, personal information will be shared in the following two cases:

  1. The said information is required to be shared by law.
  2. The said information is required to be shared in order to protect the individual's life, health, property, or other assets.

Disclosure, Correction, or Deletion of Personal Information

RaQualia Pharma will take appropriate action to disclose, correct, or delete personal information upon receipt of a request to do so, if the company is able to confirm that the request was in fact made by the individual.

Use of Cookies

In order to recognize an individual's computer, this website will send data known as cookies to users, which registers in the hard disks of those users. It then becomes possible, through the use of these cookies, for RaQualia Pharma to receive information about the user's computer and the user's activity on RaQualia Pharma's website. RaQualia Pharma utilizes cookies to improve the user experience on our website, and to conduct statistical analysis of how our website it being used. RaQualia Pharma does not combine cookies with other personal information to identify individuals without notifying those users in advance. Users of RaQualia Pharma's website can adjust their browsers to remove cookie settings. Please understand that in doing so, users may lose the ability to utilize some of the services offered by our website.

Management of Personal Information by Websites Linked to RaQualia Pharma's Website

Companies which manage websites that are linked to RaQualia Pharma's website follow their own respective policies towards the protection of personal information. RaQualia Pharma does not have any obligation or responsibility regarding the activities of any entities other than RaQualia Pharma.

Inquiries Regarding the Management of Personal Information

Please make any inquires regarding the management of personal information (disclosure, alteration, addition, deletion, termination of use, etc.) via the inquiry form.

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