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Shareholder and Investor Information

What are RaQualia's strengths?

  1. 1. A company that has its own strengths

    Human resources
    A group of researchers with broad experiences and a solid record of achievements in developing medications
    A management team that understands the needs of global customers
    Consistent creation of new development compounds
    Expansion of market potential by adding new target indications
    Improvement of the probability of commercialization by rapid confirmation of product concepts
    A comprehensive research support structure and the most advanced research facility
    Growth Potential
    The ability to produce one new development compounds per year
  2. 2. Open Collaboration Based on Trust

    The foundation of RaQualia Pharma's business model is the Integrated Open Collaboration Network (IOCN). IOCN does not distinguish between external and internal company resources. All employees focus on innovation and, by cooperating with partners both inside and outside the company, make high and sustained productivity possible. RaQualia Pharma's core competence is to rapidly, efficiently, and effectively create research programs and development candidate compounds. We actively seek opportunities for partnership via licensing and joint development in all of these programs and at all research stages. This model is the driving force behind improving value for patients, our customers, investors and shareholders.

    IOCN is based on trust with our partners. Building trust among our colleagues, in other words both within RaQualia and between RaQualia and companies, customers, partners and stakeholders, is the foundation.

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