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CJ CheilJedang Co. and RaQualia Pharma Inc.
Sign Licensing Agreement for Acid Pump Antagonist


September 6, 2010 - CJ CheilJedang Co. (CJ), CEO: Jinsoo Kim, 5-ga, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-749, Korea, and RaQualia Pharma Inc. (RaQualia), CEO: Atsushi Nagahisa, 5-2, Taketoyo, Aichi 470-2341, Japan, today announced the signing of a Licensing Agreement, granting CJ exclusive rights to RaQualia’s Acid Pump Antagonists (RQ-00000004, RQ-00000774).
Under the terms of the agreement, CJ will have Korea and China rights to develop and commercialize RQ-00000004 and RQ-00000774. In return, RaQualia will receive an upfront payment from CJ and is eligible to receive development milestones and royalties on sales of products commercialized under the license.
Both companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a strategic alliance in the area of innovative gastrointestinal therapies on June 7, 2010.
About Acid Pump Antagonist (RQ-00000004, RQ-00000774)
RQ-00000004 and RQ-00000774 are novel potassium competitive acid pump antagonists (APAs) that inhibit the binding of potassium ion to H+/K+-ATPase. This mechanism of action is fundamentally different from that of proton-pump-inhibitors (PPIs) and it enables more rapid onset of maximum suppression and longer duration of action if an appropriate pharmacokinetic profile is obtained. APAs are expected to improve Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Diseases (GERD) symptom control not adequately addressed by PPI therapy, and have potentials for the treatment of peptic ulcer and other acid-related GI disorders.
 Currently, a Phase 1 study is in progress in the US for RQ-00000004, and a backup compound RQ-00000774 is in pre-clinical development.
・CJ CheilJedang Co.
Sangman Ahn / Sungbin Cho
Phone: +81-3-3519-3452
Fax: +81-3-3580-1055
E-mail: bean@cj.net
・RaQualia Pharma Inc.
Taisuke Inagaki / Satoko Saito
Phone: +81 569 84 0700
Fax: +81 569 74 1381
E-mail: ask@raqualia.com

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